Luke 4:6

Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


"Thou shalt receive power" the Master said.
This I found hard to believe;
That such a lowly wretch as I
Could any such power receive.
I felt weak In body, soul and mind,
But Jesus said to me,
"My strength Is made perfect in weakness;
My grace is sufficient for thee."
He said "You must pray, wait and be still
And I will send to thee
A Comforter. the third Person
Of the Holy Trinity.
He will guide and teach thee
And fill thee with His power;
So you can face life with confidence
Every year, every day, every hour.
Although I am still the same creature,
Pride I feel instead of shame;
For Christ's strength Is made perfect In weakness,
And glory Is brought to God's name.
So, when by life you feel threatened,
Praise God 1 Draw strength from His Son;
Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
And lo! the battle is won