May 1991

Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


One day when I am older,
And have more time to spare;
I plan to spend some time in a garden
Day-dreaming in an old deck-chair.

I'll choose a secluded corner
Beneath some shady trees
Free from interruption
With only myself to please.

Red roses will remind me of true love
So rich, so rare, so deep;
Heartsease will repair my broken heart,
And soothe my troubled sleep.

The purity of stately white lilies
And the shy violet's modesty
Reveal the lustre they lent to romance
With their air of mystery.

Rosemary will bring remembrance
As tears well in my eyes;
Of those who fought for their country
Especially those who gave their lives.

Masses of white chrysanthemums
And the dainty plant called baby's breath.
Remind me of my mother's love;
It's endurance and it's depth.

The elusive fragrance of the verbena
Un-noticed 'til trampled and broken
Speaks to me of hidden sorrows;
Unheeded because unspoken.

Pansies that stand for loving thoughts
And the forget-me-not flowers so blue,
Recall many people and places
Whom I once loved and knew.

Though the lavender bush is drab and grey,
It's perfume lingers on;
As the memory of some quiet deed lasts,
When more flamboyant blooms have gone.

The geraniums and marigolds
And other bright-hued flowers'
Cause me to remember the happy days
And re-live their golden hours.

When the leaves of the Japanese maple
Turn from green to bronze and gold;
I realise that autumn also has beauty
Which only comes from growing old.