Personal reflection from George Ting at Farewell for Muriel and Arthur Naylor at Kingsford Church of Christ on 13 May 2000

Muriel Naylor has been a member of this church since 1973, that's 27 years ago. All of us have known Muriel and Arthur for part of that time and speaking for everyone here, has been blessed in one way or another by Muriel's presence in our midst.

I, for one, has been very much involved with Muriel in a wonderful brother and sister-in-Christ relationship. But I am also honoured to know Muriel as a motherly figure and for her to accept me like a second son. For that spoken and unspoken acceptance, I am most grateful to you, Muriel, and to God. I will surely miss picking you up every Sunday to come to church and to be encouraged by your cheerful heart and positive view of life.

There are many things that Muriel as a person is that I can't help but mention here:

her incredible sense of humour and the jokes she tells. This has allowed her never to be overcome or overwhelmed by sickness and death which we will all face sooner or later. I've always marvelled at her sharpness and wit.

her commitment - Oh how Muriel can put so many of us to shame. Even with her health problems, in particular with Parkinson's disease, you can count on reliable Muriel to be all bubbly and ready to give life a go in all that she does. This may be church services and activities, prayer times, social activities, bible studies. Come shine, hail or rain, Muriel is all ready to be part of the action.

her prayer life - Muriel is a wonderful example of a prayer warrior who entrusts everything to God. Her simple trust in God is a wonderful testimony of a life which has been given to God in obedience.

her servant heart - Muriel has worked in many volunteer efforts in groups like the Red Cross, and other Social Service Departments. She has done this quietly for her Lord and just like Jesus, she has always been ready to serve and not be served. A little older now, I know Muriel would have found serving like she used to more difficult. But I know, she writes, prays, encourages and support others however she can to the glory of God.

her love for her friends, family and church family - Muriel never thinks badly of anyone. She has an uncanny ability to look at the brighter side of life and to see the g ood things in each person. Her ability to cast all her anxiety on God because He cares for her has given her this beautiful look of peace on her face - one which we will remember with fondness and love.

So Muriel. We all thank you for your love and care and allowing us to share in your life. We thank you for being such an encourager, a true blue 'Barnabas' in every sense of the word. We will surely miss you, Muriel and Arthur, but we know God will be with you as He has always been. We would pray that God will go before you as you move to Tamworth and settle there in the near future. Because we know you will both be in God's good hands, we are comforted and trust that peace and joy will remain in your hearts.

Muriel with number two son George

Muriel's farewell speech