Published in Memories and Other Verses, June 1991.


As an infant, mother, I loved you
For you met my every need;
Too young was I to understand
My selfishness and greed.

As a school-child, mother, I loved You
Though you no longer took first place;
I had need to make room for others
As I joined in life's daily pace.

As a teenager, mother, 1 loved you
Though of this I was not aware;
I sometimes was ashamed of you
Often felt that you didn't care.

As a young bride, mother, I loved you
With a love that was tinged with respect,
As I learnt it took many hours of toil,
For a house to look clean and well-kept.

As a mother myself, I love you
With a love that is without reserve;
For I have learnt to love with a mother's love
So now love you in the way you deserve.