To My Alcoholic

When all those golden promises
You so earnestly made to me
Were like some pie-crust broken.
I doubted your sincerity

When you always seemed set out to spoil,
Every birthday or family tree
By your absence or by your aggression,
I doubted then, your loyalty.

When the unpaid bills upon the shelf
You pretended not to see;
But left me to do the worrying,
I doubted your ability.

When you no longer showed me due respect
But harsh expletives hurled at me
Or were cold and indifferent,
I doubted your then your love for me.

Please forgive me, I did not understand,
It did not even occur to me
That you were suffering from an illness.
I was to blind to see.

But now that I do understand,
My heart feels glad and free,
No longer will I doubt your worth,
Praise God! I now can see.