Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


Too old to climb a mountain
Or to hike a rugged mile.
Too old to swim the channel
And too old to cross a stile.
Too old to bear more children
And to teach them at our knee.
Too old to join them in their games
Too old to climb a tree.
But not too old to pray

To old to serve on mission fields
To set the world on fire.
Too old to teach in Bible School,
Too old to lead the choir.
Too old to clean the house of God
Or set out the bread and cup
Too old to do the flowers
Or to pick the hynm-books up.
But not too old to pray.

Too old to care for down and outs
Whose lives are ruled by fear,
Too old to help with meals-on-wheels
Too old to hand out cheer.
Younger people serve Him now,
With their vigor and their might,
But when their tasks are backed by prayer,
They are more precious in God's sight;
Praise God, we still can pray.