May 1987


Farewell, little feathered friend,
Farewell, my little robin red;
I miss your company as I tend,
The shrubs, the lawn and garden bed.

You always meant much more to me,
Than you could ever know
As you peeped down from a nearby tree
And we watched the flowers grow.

Since my loved one has gone away,
My heart aches, through and through;
I felt as you cheered my lonely day,
His spirit dwelt in you.

I think I glimpsed your mate to-day.
But coy was she and shy,
I cast some crumbs along the way
But she just passed them by.

Maybe, her heart is broken,
And, like me, she suf fers too
I hope, one day, our hearts entwine
Because we both loved you.

I ponder, as I watch her,
Shyly peeping from a tree,
Maybe your spirit dwells in her
And will comfort bring to me.