Wartime Bride

With joy, we exchanged our wedding vows,
The day I proudly took his name
Although we knew we faced separation
Until the world found peace again.

I wistfully packed my dreams away
In lavender and lace
Until the time when once again.
I would see his loving face.

But, when the war was over,
A stranger it was who came
Although there was a slight resemblance
And he bore my loved one's name.

We no longer walked proudly together
And surprised was I to see,
As sure as he was to me. a stranger,
He saw also a stranger in me.

Our ties have remained unbroken,
Having made our vows before God,
Although the war robbed us of romance
And sometimes, not easy, the path we trod.

God has blessed us in many ways
And as we enter the golden years
We share a sweet companionship
Facing a future without fears.