Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


What think thee of Christ
Who slept on the hay-
Was He just a baby
Who was born on Christmas Day
Was He just a normal, healthy boy
Was He noisy and full of life ?
Did He go fishing and climb up trees,
Throw stones or stir up strife ?
Was He just a great man,
A pattern of how to live;
Kind and sweet and gentle,
A man with so much to give ?
Was He just a martyr
Who died to set me free,
No better nor worse than other men
Crucified on Calvary ?
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God,
Saviour and Lord is He,
He died for our sin and rose again
Conquered death, to set us free.
What think ye of Christ ?
Ponder deeply, this Christmas Day;
He is the Life, He is the Truth,
He is the only Way.