Psalm 42: 10, 11.
Habb. 3: 17-19.

Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


Where is your God?
The world cries in distress;
We see the wonders of creation
But we live In a wilderness.
Our lives are fraught with danger;
We walk the streets In fear;
Man's home is no longer his castle,
But a fortress dark and drear.

Where is your God?
When our children are led astray,
Into drugs and prostitution
And we, too, have lost our way.
There's hunger, strife and hi-jacks;
Revolutions and civil wars;
Murder, violence and nuclear threats
And no respect for the country's laws.

Where is my God?
Though man's Inhumanity to man
Over-rides each worthwhile thing
The flowers still brightly blossom;
The birds still sweetly sing.
Though Satan and his henchmen
Still freely roam this earth,
My God still dwells amongst us
Offering to each a second birth.

Where is my God?
Though my fig trees do not flourish
No blossoms left nor any fruit;
Though temptations still assail me,
And Satan tires not in pursuit;
I'll still praise my God He is my strength
He'll; give me the speed of a deer;
Bring me safely over the mountain,
To a haven, free from fear.