Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


I shared a White Christmas with my friends;
Against a background, thick with snow;
Watched children throwing snowballs;
Saw a red robin peep from the hedgerow.

We decked the halls with holly,
Hung up Christmas stockings in a row;
Decorated a real, live pine tree;
Were kissed 'neath the mistletoe.

We went window shopping at Harrod's,
Saw illuminations in the Strand,
Jostled with the friendly crowd,
Listened to a spruce brass band.

We saw carol-singers holding high
A lantern for a light
As they sang,"O, come all ye faithful."
"Joy to the world" and "Holy night."

When we roasted chestnuts together,
How we did talk and laugh,
We saw faces in the fire,
And a cricket on the hearth.

We trod along crisp snow to a village church
Early on Christmas morn;
Praising god, for on this day,
Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was born.

Home again, we exchanged our presents,
Always bearing in mind,
That God gave us the gift of His only son,
To die for all mankind.

As we sat at a refectory table,
Weighed down with Christmas fare,
We drank toasts to missing friends
Wishing they were there.

We played charades and hunt the thimble,
Hide and seek and postman's knock;
Our scampering and our laughter
Fairly made the old house rock!

I snuggled into a soft feather bed,
Almost too tired to pray;
I drowsily whispered, "I thank-you, Lord,
For a perfect Christmas Day."

I was wakened by the harsh Australian sun,
A kookaburra's laugh, a parrot's scream;
To find that my White Christmas,
Was nothing more than a dream!!!