Written for the Year of the Disabled

Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


Not only the friends we cherish
Who join us. in work or in play,
Or people with like interests,
But each person we meet every day.
The blind girl who gropes thru' the city,
The deaf man who lives down the street,
The boy who finds it so hard to learn,
And the woman with twisted feet.

The nervous and the mentally sick,
The spastic, the palsied, the weak;
These people, too, are our neighbours,
Our understanding they seek.
They need more than our compassion,
They need our acceptance too,
So, caring people of the world,
What are we going to do?

We must discover how best to help,
Not rush in without due concern;
We will become better neighbours
If first, we are willing to learn.
Everyone In this world Is handicapped
In some great way or small,
All people are just the same as us,
Some have problems that differ, that's all.

All people are our neighbours,
We know this to be true,
So, caring people of the world,
Learn carefully, three things we must do.
We must love the Lord our God
With heart and soul and mind,
Love our neighbours as ourselves
And unselfishly serve mankind.